Our cladding services are a huge part of the business. As we specialise in the design, supply and installation of both standard and bespoke system.
We specialise in everything from failed cladding systems to bespoke design and long-term maintenance strategies. Our solutions are developed with the clients needs being at the forefront of our proposals to ensure the things that are most important to them are delivered to the highest standards and within their budgets, respectively.
Wall cladding has evolved dramatically in the post Grenfell Towers era and we’re very much advocates of the latest amendment to Approved Document B: Fire safety and the regulation changes noted within. It has improved the future of the country as we all continue to strive for improvement on the safety of the people both on site and post-handover.

We’re fortunate that TSL adopted a “no use of combustible materials” methodology long before Grenfell Towers incident and as such we’ve no claim to any historic projects that are in fear of needing replacement and/or refurbishment of any kind.
A large part of our annual turnover is attributed to wall cladding in various different forms and these are listed but not limited to the following, with all of the below conforming to the European Class A2-s1, d0 or Class A1 standards as a minimum:


Composite panel

Rain screen cladding

Built up systems

Metal sheeting

Timber cladding

Metal profile cladding

Tensile fabric coverings

Brick slips

Asbestos over-clads and full replacement

All of the above offer various different elements of cost, guarantees and design life for the building and we would be happy to consult with the building owner prior to offering proposals so as to understand what they’re trying to achieve in the first instance and meeting their needs accordingly.

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