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Under the Regulatory Reform Order 2005 building owners and responsible persons are required to make a suitable and sufficient assessment of all fire risks.
A lot of buildings today have had new facades installed; over cladding the original covering by over cladding the original covering, which can compromise establishing the nature and fire resistance of the underlying construction.
As a result, some building facades can result in catastrophic failures and rapid fire spreading across the building elevations when exposed to fire, as recently witnessed in the tragic events of Grenfell Towers. It is essential for the design to be met in accordance with the latest amendment to ‘Approved Document B: in your facades’ and if information is limited for intrusive checks to be carried out to ensure compliance with ‘Approved Document B’.

After the tragic events at Grenfell Towers, the construction and building industries have rarely been as high profile as they are right now. There has never been a more important time for industry professionals to ensure they maintain up to date best practice, legislation, the latest trends and developments. We at TSL our fixated on being a leading part of this revolution of change.
TSL can offer materials analysis and specialist survey techniques to confirm whether the necessary measures have been installed in accordance with the specifications and relevant standards.
Water ingress prevention: TSL can offer specialist survey techniques to investigate and remedy water ingress problems across all aspects of the building envelope. Effects of water ingress will impact the building occupants and often a preventive approach will offer our clients financial savings long term, reactive solutions are often helpful but at TSL we work on securing long term partnerships with which planned solutions are more effective.

Survey techniques available include:


Sampling of materials

High level rope access inspection

Specification review

Intrusive investigations

Quality assurance checks on new construction or refurbishments

Video investigations

Checking of firestopping installations


Consultancy on;


Flammable & combustible building materials

Testing of façade materials

Building regulations

Fire prevention

Health & Safety

Material testing and analysis undertaken through TSL is completed by an independent government body. This will include heating and combustion tests, which can be carried out in order to establish whether a cladding material is combustible or flammable. Various levels of testing is available, including a BS 8414 upon request.

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