Technical Excellence

Our ongoing success is down to the dedication of our people. Here at TSL we are proud of our growing workforce and continually invest in our employees. Continuous training and development ensures our team has all the skills necessary to provide outstanding results and client satisfaction. We invest in future TSL apprentices by ensuring they complete NVQ 1 & 2, along with all other H&S requirements from the start of their careers. Here at TSL we are committed in achieving the highest possible standards, which is reflected in our selection of recognised industry accreditations:


The National Federation of Roofing Contractors Limited (NFRC) is the UK’s largest roofing trade association, representing over 70% of the roofing industry. With a history spanning almost 120 years, NFRC has established itself as one of the leading voices in the roofing industry.

Safe Contractor

SAFE contractor is programme which recognizes very high standards of health & safety practice amongst UK contractors.


Local authority health and safety and contract professionals, supported by the Health and Safety Executive, have developed the Contractor Health and Safety (CHAS) Assessment Scheme over recent years.

Competent Roofer

Is a Government-licenced Competent Person Scheme, allows roofing contractors to Self-Certify their own roof refurbishment work as compliant with Building Regulations in England & Wales


Sets industry standards and publishes both standards and guidance’s for key areas of construction and being a member of this allows us full access to all the latest training, technical updates and consultancy utilising their expertise in the window & cladding.


Constructionline is the UK’s most connected and progressive provider of procurement and supply chain management services, making contracting simpler and helping our customers achieve more.

Asset Conditioning Surveys

Planned maintenance surveys can be undertaken on individual properties, or entire property portfolios. The objective of these is prioritising future maintenance requirements and forecasting financial budgets over a 5, 10 or 15-year period. Our most notable project to date for was to carry out a nationwide survey of the property portfolio to over 144 buildings for one client, the elements surveyed were the roofing and cladding. This strategic approach to property maintenance assists clients in saving money over the life-cycle of the building, through appropriate planning of future works packages, and minimising the need for reactive/emergency repair costs or disruption. Planned maintenance surveys help in extending the operational life span of building elements, accordingly maintaining the market value of the client’s asset. While the overall facility appreciates in value, the roof and building exterior assets depreciate over their designed service life, giving our clients the opportunity to organise and programme needed maintenance preventing unnecessary revenue loss from items such as rent abatement or output downtime. Failure to effectively manage these deteriorating assets can have a major impact on your organisation. We can provide commentary upon each building envelope element, advise upon its life expectancy, prioritise a future repair date, and provide budget maintenance costs. The information will be provided in a bespoke report form for ease of analysis. Building condition surveys take many forms, and are generally carried out in order to gauge repairing liabilities. There are varying levels of surveys that can be undertaken, the most common and cost effective is to carry out a full visual inspection of the property and report its condition on an elemental basis. The survey will provide commentary upon the current condition of building elements, identify specific repairs, or advise on further specialist investigation where necessary. We will also advise on any contraventions in respect of statutory obligations. Higher level survey options can cover intrusive investigations to determine roof build-ups, substrate issues, thermal insulation schemes and U values, drainage calculations and so on. With further options for thermal imaging surveys to be undertaken. Thermal imaging has many benefits, some of these are to detail areas of water ingress and thermal insulation damage, as well as being able to use the results in dynamic retrofit energy asset management of the property. All reports can be accompanied by budget costs for identified issues on request, as well as the pending works over the coming years that are advised.

Consultancy on façade fire regulation testing

Under the Regulatory Reform Order 2005 building owners and responsible persons are required to make a suitable and sufficient assessment of all fire risks.
A lot of buildings today have had new facades installed; over cladding the original covering. Because of this it is not always possible to visually establish the true nature and fire resistance of the underlying construction. Cladding can often conceal workmanship issues.
As a result, some building facades when exposed to fire can result in catastrophic failure and rapid fire spreading across the building elevations. It is essential for intrusive checks to be carried out to ensure the correct measures have been taken and materials selected to reduce the risk of fire spreading across building facades, where this information does not exist or isn’t in place from years gone by.
After the tragic events at Grenfell Towers, the construction and building industries have rarely been as high profile as they are right now. There has never been a more important time for industry professionals to ensure they maintain up to date best practice, legislation, the latest trends and developments. We at TSL our fixated on being a leading part of this revolution of change.
TSL can offer materials analysis and specialist survey techniques to confirm whether the necessary measures have been installed in accordance with the specifications and relevant standards.
Survey techniques available include:

• Sampling of materials
• High level rope access inspection
• Intrusive investigations
• Specification review
• Quality assurance checks on new construction or refurbishments
• Video investigations
• Checking of firestopping installations
• Consultancy on;
o Flammable Building Materials
o Testing of façade materials
o Building Regulations
o Fire Prevention
o Health & Safety

Materials testing and analysis can be undertaken through us by an independent government body. This will include heating and combustion tests, which can be carried out in order to establish whether or not a cladding material is combustible or flammable.


Refurbishment works have been the single largest growing sector of our business over the past number of years. Our clients have grown to expect our clear and honest advice giving them the best product and value, this is supported by the delivery of the project; within budget and on time.
We specialise in this sector of the construction industry and continue to assist clients and manufacturers alike. From the early investigation & design stages right through to completion ensuring the client receives the best solution tailored to their building needs.
There is a vast catchment for types of refurbishment works TSL will undertake to the building envelope, this includes but not limited to the following:
• Curtain walling
• Windows & doors
• Various forms of wall cladding
• Various cladding Support systems
• SFS Framing
• Pitched & lead roofing
• All types of flat roofing
• Green Roofing
• Reactive & planned maintenance
• Rainwater goods
• Safety systems
• Investigation & consultancy works
More detailed explanation of our services can be found on the small works and reactive maintenance case study.
TSL is about quality. Quality in the service we provide, projects we deliver and relationships we build. This philosophy has enabled us to steadily grow, as our clients have repeatedly returned to us or recommended us to others.
TSL employs a number of specialist operatives giving the client access to an unparalleled guarantee the works will be undertaken and completed correctly. This is achievable through our dedicated management team, who understand our clients’ needs and communicate at every stage of the project to make sure the client has a clear understanding and live track of the project at every stage.
Our tailored approach to each individual project is key to achieving these excellent results, each approach is a combination of innovation and best practice.

Reactive & Planned Maintenance

TSL offers an unrivalled emergency call out and reactive maintenance service nationwide. We provide a professional and cost-effective solution to all your emergency and urgent maintenance needs.  
We can provide a group of services with an ambition to attend within 48 hours and provide the best solution for the issue. Our structure enables our clients to minimise expensive call-out costs yet have the confidence all repairs will be attended to within agreed timescales, delivering a cost-effective service which demonstrates excellent value for money.  
Planned maintenance surveys help in extending the operational life span of building elements and maintaining the market value of the client’s asset We can help identify and resolve the clients’ envelope issues by using specialist techniques and bespoke repairs to limit costs and exposure of the building against water ingress and/or safety issues that may arise in adverse weather conditions. 
If TSL can be used at early stages of a building envelope that is slowly deteriorating we can consult and plan CAPEX budgets for the future to ensure the client building assets remain a valuable asset throughout the building life rather than a heavily depreciating asset.  
With so many satisfied customers within our portfolio, it's not surprising that our Small works and Maintenance sector receives a number of requests for ongoing work and repeat business.  
We have invested in staff’s technical knowledge over the years within manufacturer training to ensure we can remain efficient, competitive and effective. TSL aim to provide proposals for long lasting solutions to help maintain your buildings integrity and longevity, all the while carrying out these tasks with H&S at the forefront of our minds. 

At TSL we incorporate quality, honesty, and professionalism not only into our own working environment but into every project we carry out. We value how we conduct ourselves as a company as this is what our reputation is built upon and this is something we instill into each one of our employees.